Monday, January 23, 2012

Version 2.0

Ive decided to re-boot my blog because, well.... its the grown up thing to do.... or something.

Recently I have been re inspired to cook. Hurray!

This time I will be doing it solo, for the most part and  hope to post several times a month. To many that may not seem like very much, but lets be real. Living alone, working full time, traveling and a busy roller derby schedule, Im lucky to make a meal at home not consisting of something out of a box more then a few times a week. It can't all be gold.

As with the previous format, I will be posting photos, recipes, resources, tips, tricks and how to's. I will also try to offer both herba and carnivore alternatives as often as possible.

I hope to get to a point of having guest contributors, for your reading and eating pleasure.

My motivation? To write more, eat better (better tasting.... not always better for you, a girls gotta have priority's) and stretch both my imagination and skills in the kitchen.

My inspiration? My very culinary skilled parents, the Julie/ Julia project (and movie, and book), the stack of cook books that showed up on the free table of my building and the various tasty foods who's vast potential has yet to be unlocked!

I have bought most of the ingredients for Oeufs a la Bourguignonne, and plan to be making that some time this week, so have that to look forward too.

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