Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A few Starting Notes

Wither you are are experienced culinary wiz or a fumbling noobie there are a few things to remember.

Master Chef
  1. Read the Directions.  All of them. From start to finish BEFORE you start. I can't stress this enough. With every recipe you use. I have personally forgotten many a step or to purchace an ingredent because I didn't read everything before I started. So just do it. Moving on
  2. Conversions.Measurements are a funny thing. Unfortunately, the world has been unable to whole-heartedly agree on one standard of measurement (I'm lookin' at you, America!) Just be aware as to what your recipe calls for and what units are printed on your measuring utensil. Something to remember for baking especially, don't round your conversion. Baking is one of my favorite forms of science, the chemical reactions happening are very important to things tasting right.
  3. Get Fresh. Seriously. I know I know, every one always says that fresh ingredients taste better but its true. And its the little things that matter. I recently went to a spice shop and got fresh ground black pepper and it honestly made a WORLD of difference. And buying by weight was way cheaper then at the grocery store. So think about that.

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